"What They Didn't See"... Why I created this Street Photography Magazine?

Mis à jour : 16 sept. 2018

​Hey, It's been already more than 4 years that I'm running an online street photography magazine powered by the Flipboard platform. It's time to take a break and explain why I did it, how it works and how I make the curation of this weekly newspaper!

Relax, it's only about curation

First of all, let's be clear and honest: Flipboard put together tons of contents published on blogs, websites, twitter, facebook and all kind of sources. So when I created my Magazine, it was clearly to agregate all this great content produced by others. I wanted to keep and share this material as a virtual library, always open for photographic enthusiasts.

You might say it's easy and not adding value. But wait! Not adding value? Not so sure my dear! Just ask who, beyond all our great street photographer friends, make the effort to read and share hundreds of news every month ;) Not so many I guess...

The story of this? While commuting, I am constantly reading multiple sources of information on my preferred RSS reader  app Feedly.

My natural focus is on photography and particularly street photography. So, not to just read them and keep them for me,

I decided to share all this great contents to the community. And this since 2014.

Every single day I curate numbers of articles and choose to add them to my Flipboard magazine. With the time, I can say that there are less and less street photography content on websites,. As a consequence, I regularly look for new regularly updated sources.

The magazine is shared once a week, every Sunday and believe me, I really don't care if there is only 1 article or a collection of 10. I focus on quality rather than quality.

So... My online magazine is called "What They Didn't See".

But... Why this Title?

"What They Didn't See" comes from a Flickr's group I used to feed with my own photographs, years ago.

At this time, I was really into taking pictures of ordinary scenes that nobody even noticed. Those magical moments that will never happen twice. You know what I mean if you are into SP...

So, years after, when I decided to leave Flickr (my account still exists but is not updated) I asked the permission to use the name as my Magazine's title. The owner of the group, a french woman, kindly accepted an let me use it.

And "the icing on the cake" is that it fits perfectly with the idea of "If you have missed an article this week, you will find it here!".

As a conclusion... Facts!

  • Creation: 2014, June

  • Publication: every Sunday (excluding holidays!)

  • Number of articles: 2.755 

  • Number of readers : 9.638

  • Subscribers : 612

I'm quite proud of those figures. Happy to share with people waiting for this weekly routine and giving me some feedbacks. It's purpose is only about sharing knowledge from all over the world and keep people motivated with Street photography.

I still don't know how long I will run this magazine and/or if I will ask someone to join the curation to help me, but for now, I still share all my readings every Sunday around 6pm, Paris time!

Enjoy #Flipboard, keep shooting and share your passion!

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